Charlestown Apartments Welcome to Charlestown!

Welcome to Charlestown!

Charlestown Apartments & Condos

This site will let you search apartment & condos in Charlestown Mass. absolutely free. This site is linked to a system where literally all of the largest real estate agencies in the Boston area post listings. These are all real apartments, and all should be up-to-the-minute. You will receive a nightly email if any new apartments come onto the market that meet your criteria. There is also an option to search other Boston neighborhoods as well.

Charlestown is one of Boston's oldest and beautiful neighborhoods. It is Boston's northernmost neighborhood and is located right on toe Boston Harbor. Charlestown has a very distinct colonial New England architecture, as well as ultra modern new construction luxury condo developments.

Are you looking for a place to live in Boston's oldest neighborhood? You're in luck. Like elsewhere in the city, this neighborhood has experienced an explosion in development in the last few years. While commercial real estate accounts for some of the new development, it is mostly made up of residential buildings. This means that you have more options than ever when it comes to renting a place in this part of the city. As always, Boston City Properties can help you find the perfect place to live in this historic neighborhood. Read on to learn more.

The first step in finding a place to live in a bustling city like Boston is choosing a neighborhood. You've already done that, but have you narrowed things down to specific streets or buildings? This is one of the largest neighborhoods in the city, and options vary widely throughout it. If you're not sure where to focus your efforts, spend some time exploring. This should ideally be done on foot at first. Roam around to get a feel for where your ideal new home would be located. Remember that you can limit your search to this neighborhood with Boston City Properties' convenient search filters.

Next, think about the kind of unit you need. How many bedrooms do you require? Are you flexible at all? Either way, you can select the number of desired bedrooms on our search tool, so you don't have to waste your time considering units that will not meet your needs. How much living space do you ideally need? Again, you can adjust filters on our search tool to reflect your requirements here. Because this neighborhood is overwhelmingly residential, just about every imaginable configuration is available. This neighborhood has a diverse population too, including families, retirees and young, single professionals, and this is reflected in the available housing options, which are eclectic.

Things like total living area and number of bedrooms and baths are pretty important. In fact, most people would categorize them as "deal-breakers" if they are not met. In a competitive rental market like Boston's, it's important to be at least a little flexible when looking for a new home. While you shouldn't compromise on things like living area and location, you may have to regarding certain features and amenities. It doesn't hurt to come up with a wish list, however, and to prioritize units that closely meet not only your must-haves but your nice-to-haves too.

If you're looking for luxury units, you can expect to be presented with units that include gourmet kitchens, upscale fixtures and finishes and other high-end touches. Aesthetics aside, consider what kinds of features you would love to have in your new place. For example, are you looking for a place with a view? Do you need a unit that has private entry? Do you want a home with a private patio or balcony? From in-unit washers and dryers to walk-in closets, the possibilities are endless. Figure out which features you'd love to have, and then prioritize listings that match them closely.

While you will obviously spend most of your time in your actual unit, attention should also be paid to the building itself. As mentioned above, this neighborhood has seen a major uptick in construction and development over the last few years. These days, there are plenty of brand-new buildings, and they compete with one another intensely when it comes to amenities. To attract stable tenants, developments are increasingly offering high-end amenities like 24/7 concierge service and doormen.

In addition to investigating individual units, then, you must also investigate entire developments. Otherwise, you could end up in a nice unit but in a building that leaves a lot to be desired. Familiarize yourself with the neighborhood's most popular buildings. Search around online to see what others have to say. Figure out which buildings have the amenities that you need and which don't. Remember too that some amenities and features are optional but others aren't. Most notably, if you own pets--whether a dog, a cat or both--you must pay close attention to each building's pet policy. Most developments charge pet rent on top of the usual monthly rent, and an additional security deposit is usually required.


Take your pick from condos in a number of lovely developments throughout this historic neighborhood. Some condos are located in new high-rise luxury developments that boast all of the latest and most popular amenities. Others are found in converted Victorian brownstones, Federal single-family homes and other buildings. Whether you are looking to buy or rent a condo, you will be tickled by the sheer variety of options that you will find in this part of the city. Boston City Properties has agents in the neighborhood who are well-versed regarding its condo developments, and they can assist you with your search.

Luxury Buildings

For much of its history, this sprawling neighborhood was quiet and unassuming. It remains largely residential, but a spate of development over the last few years has transformed its offerings. These days, there are dozens of luxury buildings within its borders, and many of them house some of the finest rental units and condos in Boston. Because these buildings aren't located right downtown, however, they also tend to have very competitive rental rates. Chances are that you can get more space for less money, and that is always a good thing.

Landlords: List Your Properties

In addition to helping people find homes, condos, townhouses and apartments, Boston City Properties is here to help landlords sell or rent their properties. If you have a unit to sell or lease in this neighborhood, get the exposure that you need by listing it with us. It will appear in our constantly updated database, and users can filter their results according to their preferences. Our team can help you create a listing that will help you find a great tenant or buyer in no time. With a listing on our site, finding buyers and renters is as easy as can be.

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