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Charlestown Land for Sale

If you’re looking for land for sale in Charlestown, you already know how tricky it can be. With the city of Boston as developed as it is, it’s easy to assume that there won’t be any good opportunities; a quick look at the listings often confirms that. However, land deals in Charlestown take place every day – the properties just never appear in published listings. Typically, experienced local brokers are aware of land that’s available but not being marketed, and that’s where you’ll find the best deals. By connecting with Boston City Properties, you’ll gain a host of insider advantages that will make this process way easier!

Reasons to Invest in Land in Charlestown

Like some folks, you might be looking for land in the city because you want to build a new house. If so, Charlestown is an excellent place to look. It’s a largely residential area, and lots zoned for single-family home development open up from time to time. More likely, though, you’re an investor looking to capitalize on Boston’s incredible commercial real estate market. Even post-COVID, it’s on fire – and that’s every bit as true in Charlestown as elsewhere.

So, why would an investor want to purchase land in Charlestown? As of the fourth quarter of 2020, the Charlestown/East Boston market had 19 office buildings offering more than 2.2 million square feet of space. The average lease price, $59.34 per square foot, provides an excellent cost alternative over areas like Back Bay and the Financial District. More significantly, Charlestown is poised to become the city’s next life science cluster. Its proximity to East Cambridge, in particular, makes it an attractive choice. By purchasing land in Charlestown now, you should be able to sell it to a life science developer before too long for a nice profit.

Land Sales are Complicated – Don’t Go it Alone

If you’d like to be in the position to offer land in Charlestown for prime development opportunities, you might think it’s just a matter of searching the listings and making a few calls. After all, it’s only vacant land – how much work could be involved? As it happens, in a place like Boston, it can be a lot. Without the right guidance, it’s easy to make expensive missteps like buying a parcel that can’t be developed due to natural hazards or other restrictions. From zoning to easements, you need to consider many factors. We can connect you with a tenant representative who can help.

Access Prime Off-Market Land Listings in Charlestown

Boston City Properties has connections throughout the Greater Boston real estate world, so we can access off-market land listings that never appear in public listings. Connecting with us will make a huge difference in your endeavors. Let us know what kind of land you need, why you need it and your overall goals – for example, maybe you envision building a hotel there someday – and we will match you up with land listings that meet your requirements.

Find Land for Sale in Charlestown with Boston City Properties

Investing in land that is suitable for a variety of development opportunities is one of the best ways to get ahead in the world of Boston real estate. Across the city, construction activity remains steady; with more than 5.1 million square feet of office space underway and roughly 40% of it preleased, it’s safe to say that demand will remain for the foreseeable future. Life science development is especially promising, and buying land in Charlestown now could pay off in a big way before too long. Contact us for a referral to a local tenant rep who can assist you further!